8. Mar 2024

Two record months in a row

The year is certainly off to a good start for Strætó, more and more trips are being taken with Strætó, as public transport is an ecological and economical option. January and February had record number of boardings in the capital area, since regular measurements began. In January, there were more than 1.121.000 boardings, previously the highest number of boardings measured in January was last year, when they were 1.119.000. In February, there were almost 1.179.000 boardings measured, in February last year there were 1,069,000 boardings, which was the previous February record.

Last year was a true record year, as there have never been a greater number of boardings over the year in the capital area, or 12,64 million boardings.

We are very grateful for this good start and hope to see as many people as possible on the bus this year.

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