Here you can access Strætó’s terms and conditions.

1. Fares

KLAPP is account based ticketing system for Strætó in the capital area. Customers can purchase fares with three fare mediums: KLAPP cards, KLAPP app and KLAPP ten.

1.1 KLAPP card

  • KLAPP cards are plastic cards that are presented to a scanner on board Strætó buses to pay the fare.
  • Customers top up their KLAPP cards through an access on “My pages” on
  • Fares on plastic cards are activated when the card is presented to a scanner on board the bus and the scanner indicates that the card has been read.
  • Single ticket is valid for 75 minutes after the initial activation.
  • The valid term of period passes is set to the first activation of a fare on board a bus

1.2 KLAPP app

  • KLAPP app is available for smart phones on the App Store and Google Play.
  • In the KLAPP app, customers can purchase single tickets or period passes for Strætó buses in the capital area.
  • Customers can also top up their KLAPP app through “My pages” on
  • Fares in the KLAPP app are activated when the customer selects “Activate ticket” (“Virkja miða”) in the appThe fare is valid for 75 minutes after the initial activation
  • The valid term of period passes is set to the first activation of a fare in the app.

See further terms and conditions for KLAPP app in chapter 2.

1.3 KLAPP ten

  • KLAPP ten is a paper card with 10 single tickets for adults, young people or elderly people.
  • The paper card has a code that is scanned on board Strætó buses in the capital area.
  • Fares on paper cards are activated when the card is presented to a scanner on board the bus and the scanner indicates that the card has been read.
  • The screen on the scan indicates how many tickets are left on the paper card.
  • Ticket is valid for 75 minutes after the initial activation
  • It is not possible to top up KLAPP ten paper cards.

1.4 Discount fares

Discount fares are available for the following groups:

  • Young people (12-17 years old)
  • Elderly (67 years and older)
  • Disabled people. (Required to confirm on “My pages” using electronic identifications)
  • Students (18 years and older). (Required to confirm on “My pages” using electronic identifications)
  • Employees of companies that have transport contract with Strætó. (Required to confirm on “My pages” using electronic identifications)
  • Children 6-11 years old ride free on Strætó buses in the capital area.

1.5 Old ticketing system, exchange tickets and cash payments.

Fares paid with cash or tickets on the bus are considered as spot payments. From 1. March 2022 it will no longer be an option to pay for fares with the old Strætó paper tickets. Strætó will give a deadline until 16. March 2022 to exchange old paper tickets for credit in the KLAPP ticketing system.

Transfer tickets, which are used to continue a ride in a second or a third bus, count as fares. Each bus tickets can only be used once, while exchange tickets can be used multiple times within the time limit stated on it. Spot payments are put in the farebox that is located next to the driver. Transfer tickets are just shown to the driver when entering the bus. Note: When paying with cash, drivers cannot give any change.

Holders of period passes in the old Strætó ticketing system shall allow the validity of the cards to expire before switching to the KLAPP ticketing system.

1.6 Confirmation of discount fares and zones

The driver and / or inspector may request that the passenger confirm his right to use the discount fare.

The passenger must always give the driver or inspector the opportunity to verify that the correct fare has been paid.

1.7 When traveling between zones

The KLAPP ticketing system is not used in Strætó provincial buses. On boards provincial buses, customers can pay for fares with a debit or credit card, bus tickets or cash.

The passenger pays a fare for each of zones he crosses. If the customer plans to travel through three zones, he/her pays a triple fare. If customers travels through four zones, he/her pays four times the fare and so on.

2. KLAPP app

2.1 The KLAPP app may be used for devices that support Apple or Android operating systems (hereinafter referred to as smart devices). Fares purchased in KLAPP app are only valid in the Reykjavík capital area.

2.2 Strætó bs., ID number 500501-3160, (hereinafter referred to as Strætó) is the owner of the KLAPP app.

2.3 You can choose between logging into the app with a phone number or anonymously. Anonymous login is the user’s responsibility and if your access or the smart device is lost, all tickets and/or period passes are lost and cannot be refunded. By logging in with a phone number, the user ensures that tickets and/or period passes are always registered to that phone number and will therefore not be lost.

2.4 Single fares (tickets) purchased with smartphones or used with smart devices are valid from the time that they are activated and remain valid for the period stated by Strætó at any given time (75 minutes), never shorter, however, than the effective term of a change-over ticket. A monthly subscription is valid for one month and enters into effect as soon as it has been purchased. Period passes that are sent to KLAPP app are activated on their first use on the bus.

2.5  Smart devices must be connected to the Internet when a product is purchased. Smart devices are also subject to Internet connection, sufficient battery life and an unbroken screen when a product is activated and scanned on board the bus. It is the responsibility of the holder to ensure that there is Internet connection, sufficient battery life of the phone and unbroken screen while the device is in use.

2.6  In order to board the buses of Strætó, passengers must hold a valid ticket, period pass or other valid payment medium. The bus driver and Strætó inspectors may require evidence as to the reason a passenger is paying a discounted fee.

2.7 Change-over tickets cannot be obtained when paying by the KLAPP app; this applies both to the holder of the smart device in question and those accompanying them on the same ticket.

2.8 Copying or forging tickets in the KLAPP app is illegal. Offenders discovered using forged tickets or cards will be reported to the police.

2.9 If a ticket or period pass is forwarded to another phone number, it can only be used by the number to which it was sent and is removed from the device of the sender.

2.10 Period passes may be shared between the smart devices of the same user twice in a single month.

2.11  Fares in KLAPP app are presented to a scanner at the entrance of the bus when the customer enters the bus. The product must be activated prior to the passenger entering the bus.

2.12 Strætó’s inspectors and the bus driver may obtain further confirmation from the holder of the product in question, e.g., by requesting that the ticket holder shows other functions of the application or provide other evidence that the application is valid. The same applies to confirmation of period passes and the right of the customer to use discounted fares.

2.13  Products in the KLAPP app may be purchased by using credit and debit cards, i.e. VISA, MasterCard, VISA Electron and Maestro.

2.14  The value of purchased products is charged to the customer’s credit card when the product is sent to the smart device. The fare or period pass may be activated later.

2.15 When purchasing more than one fare at a time in KLAPP app, the user selects whether to purchase X number of tickets or a single ticket for X number of passengers (a group ticket).

2.16  When a group ticket is activated in KLAPP app, all tickets within the ticket are activated simultaneously.

2.17  When payment cards are registered for the KLAPP app service, they are converted over to a virtual number sequence in the web services of the payment processing company (Salt Pay). The payment card numbers are thus stored in a secure manner provided by the payment processor. Strætó is not responsible for credit card information sent to a payment processor through the application.

2.18 Payment for single fares and period passes are non-refundable, and purchased fares cannot be altered in the app.

2.19 Charges to credit cards for purchased smart fares and period passes are carried out in accordance with Strætó’s price lists at the time they are applied.

2.20  Should the customer request to terminate a period pass, it can be done at any time during the month without having an effect on the validity of the product that has been purchased.

2.21 Strætó reserves the right to send the users of the app notifications by means of text messages and messages through KLAPP app regarding the services of Strætó and KLAPP app.

2.22  Strætó reserves the right to remove access to a particular telephone number / smart device without notice if there is reason to suspect that the user of KLAPP app has misused the services or provided incorrect information when registering.

3. My pages

3.1 The following terms and conditions apply to “My pages” (Mínar síður) on, the service site of Klappið. The individual creating access to “My pages” undertakes to comply with the terms and conditions laid down by Strætó bs. on the use of the service site.

3.2  The owner of the access is the only person authorised to use their access to “My pages”. Owners may under no circumstances hand personal passwords over to a third party for use. In the event that a subscriber discloses information to a third party, their password and/or username, the subscriber is wholly responsible for such disclosure and its consequences.

3.3  Information on the use of “My pages” is intended for use by the account holder alone. Strætó bs. is not liable for any loss or damages that a customer may suffer in respect of the use of the service site of the Klapp, i.e. “My pages”.

3.4 Strætó bs. is not liable for damages caused by a third party to a customer in connections with their use of “My pages”.

3.5 The account holder is permitted to cancel their access at any time. Upon terminating an account, all personal data is destroyed; information in the services system of KLAPP app and transaction history is made non-personally identifiable.

3.6  Accounts that are inactive for four consecutive years will be terminated automatically. Upon terminating an account, all personal data is destroyed; information in the services system of the KLAPP app and transaction history is made non-personally identifiable.

4. KLAPP Wallet

4.1  The minimum amount for topping up the KLAPP wallet is ISK 1,000.

4.2  Strætó bs. determines the maximum credit that the KLAPP owner may have in the wallet at any given time.

  • The maximum credit in a KLAPP wallet is ISK 80,000 (applies as of and including 01.10.2021)
  • In cases where a request for a refill will result in the maximum credit limit within the wallet being exceeded, the transaction cannot be completed

4.3  If the credit contained in the wallet is less than the cost of a single Strætó fare at any given time, the customer will be denied a fare from the scanner on board the bus and will not be able to use the KLAPP payment solution (card or app) until the customer has ensured that there is sufficient credit on the payment medium in question.

4.4  Unallocated credit within the wallet will expire after four years.

5. Automatic refill

5.1  The owner of a KLAPP access can activate an automatic top-up of the KLAPP wallet (Auto Top-Up) on “My pages” on

5.2 To activate the auto top-up, the customer must have registered a valid payment card on the KLAPP access site

  • VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, VISA debit and other valid cards by MasterCard can be registered for auto top-ups

5.3 The cardholder is responsible for ensuring that the card information is correctly registered and that there are sufficient authorisations on the card or account for the approval of charges for automatic top-ups to their KLAPP access.

5.4 The owner of a KLAPP access shall opt for a minimum amount in the KLAPP wallet before an automatic top-up is enabled.

  • The minimum amount may never be less than the equivalent of a single general fare for Strætó (the amount is based on the Strætó price list in effect at any given time).

5.5 The owner of a KLAPP access decides what the amount of the automatic top-up shall be when the auto top-up is activated on “My pages”

  • The amount of the auto top-up may never be less than ISK 1,500 or greater than ISK 25,000

  • The owner of a KLAPP access can, at any time, change the amount of the auto top-up under the settings tab on “My Pages”

5.6 The owner of a KLAPP access can deactivate an automatic top-up at any time on “My pages” on

  • The owner of a KLAPP access with auto top-up is responsible for deactivating the auto top-up in the event of any suspicion of misuse of information or the account balance.

5.7 Strætó reserves the right to amend the following criteria:

  • minimum amount of auto top-up
  • maximum amount of auto top-up
  • minimum credit in KLAPP wallet
  • maximum credit in KLAPP wallet

6. Renewal and refunds

6.1  If a KLAPP card is lost, stolen, breaks or is damaged, the registered holder of the card can close the card and purchase a new one through “My pages”. The user can then transfer the credit on the old KLAPP card to the new KLAPP card. It is not possible to request a new 10-ticket user card that has been lost, stolen or damaged.

6.2  If a KLAPP card with auto top-up is lost, stolen, breaks or is damaged, a replacement card with auto top-up is not automatically reinstated. The customer must manually register his/her new card for auto top-up on “My pages”.

6.3  The holder of a KLAPP card can submit comments on entries and request a refund on “My pages”. Strætó bs. reserves the right to investigate individual entries in greater detail before reaching a decision on refunds. Cards that have not been registered cannot be refunded.

6.4 KLAPP cards that have been inactive for over 24 months are automatically closed, and any remaining credit will be deposited into the charitable account of Strætó.

6.5  Refunds and renewals may be subject to processing fees in accordance with the price list of Strætó bs.

6.6  All disputes are subject to the review and approval of Strætó bs. Strætó bs. may request additional data or evidence from a customer before a decision is made. A KLAPP customer must notify Strætó bs. of any dispute regarding transaction entries within 30 days of such transaction.

6.7  If a personalized pass from the old ticketing system is lost or broken, the customer must move to the KLAPP ticketing system.

7. Data protection and the processing of personal data

7.1  In relation to the use of services pursuant to these terms and conditions, and in communications with Strætó, Strætó processes personal data of individuals as further outlined in the Data Protection Policy of KLAPP, accessible here.

8. Rules on board

During their travel, passengers must obey driver’s instructions.

If passengers are found to take part in indecent activities onboard a Strætó BS coach—or if they in other ways behave inappropriately towards the driver or other passengers—this might lead to the offending passengers being expelled from the coach.

If driver and/or inspector suspects that correct fare has not been paid or the above mentioned terms and conditions have been grossly opposed might lead to passenger being shown of the bus.

Passengers must treat one another with respect and consideration during travel.

Passengers may travel with luggage onboard Strætó BS coaches, but each passenger should be able to carry said luggage onboard or place it in the luggage bay in the provincial buses without requiring assistance. Strætó BS is not responsible for passengers’ luggage, whether onboard or in the luggage bay, except in the case of collisions, accidents or other unforeseen events.

  • Drivers have the right to refuse luggage rights to passengers wishing to travel with luggage that might affect the health and happiness of other passengers during travel; e.g. on account of smell, noise or size.
  • Pets are not allowed onboard Strætó BS’s provincial coaches.
  • Explosives, combustible materials, chemicals or poisons are not allowed onboard.
  • Guns, firearms and weapons may be transported on Strætó BS coaches on the condition that they remain in the luggage bay for the entire journey. Guns, firearms and weapons are not allowed in the passenger compartment. When travelling with a firearm, the firearm must be unloaded. The case containing the firearm must not contain any ammunitions. Firearms must be stored in cases that have an exterior made of wood, aluminium or fibre-reinforced plastic. The interior of the case must provide protection against collisions and sudden movements and the firearm must be secured in such a way that it can in no way cause any danger in the case of accidents during travel.
  • Bicycles are allowed onboard depending on conditions and available capacity.
    • In provincial areas, coaches on major routes have bicycle racks at the back of the bus where 3-4 bicycles can be mounted at a time. Collapsible bicycles may also be stored in the luggage bay depending on available capacity.
    • Provincial routes with smaller coaches do not offer bicycle racks but bicycles may be stored in the luggage bay or in the passenger compartment depending on conditions and available capacity.
    • Route 55, which travels between Reykjavik and Keflavik International Airport, does not offer a bicycle rack. Bicycles may be brought onboard, depending on conditions and available capacity, but only as long as passengers travelling with bicycles have already collapsed and secured their bicycles for travel when the coach arrives.
  • Food and drink may be consumed onboard buses given proper hygiene and cleanliness.

9. Travel Rules for Children - Age limit

Children travelling with Strætó BS are the responsibility of their parents or guardians. Parents or guardians wishing to let their child travel alone—especially on longer routes—should familiarize themselves with the directives presented by the Office of the Ombudsman for Children and not place undue responsibility on their child. Furthermore, in many cases regulations dictate that children have increased responsibilities after the age of 15; e.g. responsibilities concerning the welfare of other children.

Strætó BS also brings attention to sec. 92 of the Child Protection Act which stipulates children curfew hours.

It’s vital that children be adequately prepared for travel by their guardians:

  • Children must know when and where they are to exit the coach or change coaches.
  • Children must be aware of at what point they need to change coaches in order to complete their journey and also be conscious of not vacating the coach except when the coach’s schedule dictates that it rests at a coach stations for 10 minutes or more.
  • Assurances must be made to see to it that someone will be waiting to gather the child at the destination.
  • Children should be instructed to sit as near to the front of the coach as possible.
  • If at all possible, children should travel with a mobile phone containing the phone numbers of their primary guardians.

Children 6 years and older are allowed to travel alone with Strætó city buses in the capital area.

Children aged 10 years or younger cannot travel alone onboard Strætó BS provincial coaches. Children aged 10 years or younger must have a travelling companion over the age of 15 for the entirety of their travel outside the capital.

Children who are too young to travel alone (aged 10 years or younger) and who are not travelling with an older child or an adult will not be let onboard the provincial coach.

Strætó BS is not responsible for any children travelling onboard the company’s city buses or provinvial coaches; this includes responsibility for ensuring whether the child enters or exits the coach at the correct juncture. Children travelling onboard Strætó BS coaches are the responsibility of their guardians.

10. Delayed Departures and Cancelled Trips

Strætó BS routes operate according to Strætó BS’s timetable as it stands at any given time.

Strætó BS reserves the right to cancel trips and/or amend them due to unforeseen circumstances out of the company’s control; e.g. poor weather conditions, union strikes etc.

Strætó BS is liable for damages in the case of passengers or their luggage or hand luggage coming to harm due to the criminal conduct of the coach’s driver.

Strætó BS is not responsible for delays or cancellations due to circumstances beyond the company’s control.

Strætó BS is not responsible for any direct or indirect financial cost or harm suffered by passengers due to cancellations or delays that result from force majeure.

Strætó BS reserves the right to transport luggage which is abandoned on the company’s coaches to a storage location at the cost, responsibility and own-risk of the relevant passenger or owner of said luggage.

If a trip is cancelled or departure is delayed, passengers have the right to be informed of the immediate state of affairs; e.g. regarding rescheduled departure and arrival time. This information should be accessible through announcements on Strætó BS’s website, through the Klappið App or through Strætó BS’s Twitter account.

In the case of a provincial coach being forced to halt mid-route and seek assistance due to weather conditions, passengers have the right to reimbursed fare or the right to continue their journey with the next available coach as soon as conditions allow. Passengers might have to offer proof of fare payment by presenting receipts. If passengers are stranded overnight due to weather conditions, Strætó BS is responsible for providing them with lodgings at a hotel or hostel. The general rule is that passengers wait at their lodgings for the next scheduled route on Strætó BS’s timetable—unless specific circumstances or conditions call for further actions.

11. Slys, tjón og óhöpp

Strætó passengers are insured.

If a passenger has an accident in the bus, the driver should be notified. The continuation of the case is determined by its seriousness, e.g. whether an ambulance and the police need to be called, or whether it will be reported to Strætó’s passenger service that follow up each case.

Project manager in passenger services is Sigurður Grétar Ólafsson who answers questions by phone 540 2700 or via e-mail at


If a vehicle has a collision with a bus, it is customary for the drivers of both vehicles to fill out a damage report on the spot or call the police in the event of major damage or accidents to people.

12. Persónuvernd

Strætó puts an emphasis on privacy and is committed to the protection of personal data and to fulfilling all of its duties as specified by laws no. 90/2018 regarding the protection and handling of personal data.

13. Amendments

On the condition of providing prior announcements and advertisements on the company’s website and/or in the media, Strætó BS reserves the right to amend the company’s terms and conditions, fare rates and timetables at any given time.

14. Jurisdiction

In the case of disputes regarding services rendered arising between Strætó BS and its passengers, both parties shall make efforts to settle said dispute. If this is not possible the dispute shall be brought to the District Court of Reykjavik.

15. Ratification

These terms and condition are valid from January 16, 2019 and apply to all transportation of passengers and luggage by Strætó BS.