Strong personal data protection is Strætó’s priority, and the regional partnership places great emphasis on respecting the rights of individuals and that all processing of personal information is always in accordance with Act no. 90/2018 on Personal Data Protection and Processing of Personal Data (hereinafter „Personal Data Protection Act“).

Strætó bs. is a regional partnership owned by the six municipalities in the capital area, which was established in accordance with the provisions of Section IX of the Municipalities Act no. 138/2011 on the Cooperation of Municipalities in the Implementation of Individual Projects. The main function of Strætó is to operate public transport services in the region of its owners.

At Strætó, personal information is processed in connection with the operation and services of the regional partnership. In this regard, mainly the personal data of job applicants, employees, customers as well as partners, suppliers, contractors and individuals who are in charge of legal entities that have a business relationship with the regional partnership is processed.

With this Privacy Policy, it is reported how Strætó bs., ID no. 500501-3160, Hestháls 14, 110 Reykjavík (hereinafter „Strætó“ or „we“), manages processing, such as collecting, registering, storing and sharing personally identifiable information about individuals (hereinafter also „you“). The processing of personal information carried out by Strætó is the responsibility of Strætó bs.

In cases where Strætó processes personal data on behalf of another party, that party is responsible for the processing as a controller within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act, and Strætó then acts according to their instructions on the basis of a processing agreement. Strætó is the processor of the information that is processed for the benefit of PANT driving services. Thus, Strætó is a processor for the municipalities that are responsible for joint transport services for disabled people in the capital area. More information on the processing of personal data for the benefit of PANT driving
services can be found in the educational letter on the processing of personal data for PANT, which is available on Strætó’s websites: and

This Privacy Policy applies to customers and other service users of Strætó. This statement also covers, depending on the circumstances, other persons, for example those who interact with Strætó and those who visit Strætó’s offices and websites. Therefore, the Privacy Policy also covers the contacts of customers, suppliers, contractors, consultants, institutions and other legal entities with whom Strætó has a contractual relationship.

The processing of personal information of job applicants, employees of Strætó, and employees of contractors of Strætó who perform driving is discussed in separate educational letters.

Specific privacy policies may apply to individual services and interfaces of Strætó, which are published on Strætó’s website and, as the case may be, in the relevant interface. A special Privacy Policy applies to Strætó’s new payment system, KLAPPIÐ, which can be accessed at

This Privacy Policy mainly deals with the processing of personal data when individuals:

  • enter into business with us
  • enter into business with us on behalf of the legal entity they represent
  • download and use the Strætó app
  • order products or services from us
  • contact us, whether by letter, email, website or social media
  • communicate with us on behalf of a legal entity due to a business relationship
  • visit our websites,,,, or our social media pages
  • visit our offices
  • call our customer service
  • enter areas monitored by electronic security cameras
  • use the wireless network of buses