13. Mar 2024

Strætó´s new electric buses have started to drive

Strætó´s new electric buses started to drive this morning. These are nine buses of the type Yes-EU (CRRC 8m) and they come from China, like the older electric buses that Strætó has, which have served Strætó well. The heating system inside the buses will be fuelled by electricity and not oil. They are therefore very environmentally friendly and are a good addition to Strætó’s fleet and in accordance with Strætó’s strategy for a carbon-free fleet in 2030.

„The buses are a great addition to Strætó’s fleet and it’s a pleasure to see them start driving,“ says Jóhannes S. Rúnarsson, CEO of Strætó. „With these new electric buses, more than 30% of Strætó’s fleet is now carbon-free, which is good for the environment, and Strætó aims to further increase its number of environmentally friendly buses in the coming years.“

The buses will drive routes 8, 22, 23 and 31, and for route 22 in Garðabær this means better access for people, as the electric buses are larger and more user-friendly than those that drove the route before. Charging stations have been set up both at Hestháls 14 and in Ásgarður in Garðabær, and the buses are charged at the end of or between runs.

Hrannar Bragi Eyjólfsson, board member of Strætó from Garðabær, says this is a very joyful phase. „With new electric buses, we will have improved access, for example for people who need to use wheelchair, strollers and bikes. We are very happy to be able to offer an environmentally friendly option in an environmentally friendly community.“

The new electric buses has started to drive

On today’s occasion, Almar Guðmundsson, mayor of Garðabær, Hrannar Bragi Eyjólfsson, board member of Strætó from Garðabær and Jóhannes S. Rúnarsson, CEO of Strætó visited the new charging station in Garðabær for the new buses