13. Jun 2024

Routes 55, 87 and 89 will change on June 16th

The following changes will be made to routes in Suðurnes.

Route 55:

The timetable will change significantly to keep better time schedule.

  • Morning trips that depart today at 6:35 from Keflavík Airport and 6:34 from Hringbraut/Melteigur will be combined into one trip that departs from the airport at 6:20 and stops at Hringbraut/Melteigur at 6:28.
  • Trips that leave today at 7:57 and 8:25 from BSÍ will also be combined into one trip that leaves from BSÍ at 8:15, the next stop is Klambratún.
  • Route 55 stops driving around the center of Reykjavík from BSÍ – Ráðhús – BSÍ and does not drive further than BSÍ except for the first trip of the day on weekdays. Thus, it is only the first trip from Keflavík Airport at 6:20 which drives around the city center (with a stop at HÍ at 7:46).

Route 87:

  • Route 87 will run 8 trips a day on weekdays from Vogar to Miðstöð in Reykjanesbær with a stop at Vogaafleggjari. The route will also run 8 trips per day on weekdays from Miðstöð to Vogar with a stop at Vogaafleggjari. On Saturdays and Sundays there will be 2 trips in each direction.

Route 89:

  • The time of some trips on route 89 will be changed to match better to trips that change at route 55 to/from Miðstöð.