21. Apr 2024

Krónan invites you on the bus

On the occasion of International Earth Day, which is held on April 22 each year, Krónan invites its customers to take a bus to the supermarket to reduce traffic by private car on the day and thus contribute to an environmentally friendly way of travel.

The Krónan’s initiative for Earth Day this year will be done in collaboration with Strætó bs., and everyone who shows up with a reusable shopping bag on a bus in the capital area will get a free ride on the bus April 22.

An ideal way to Krónan

„Earth Day has been celebrated annually for many years and is intended to remind us to take good care of our earth and environment and above all to encourage people to do their bit. There are many ways to take better care of our environment, including our means of transportation. In the capital area, there are a number of Krónan stores and they are all close to the bus stop. We thought it would be a good idea to collaborate with Strætó and jointly raise this issue, both by encouraging people to use more environmentally friendly means of transport and in the process reminding them to take reusable shopping bags with them,“ says Guðrún Aðalsteinsdóttir, CEO of Krónan.

Working on energy exchange

„We welcome this initiative by Krónan and of course encourage as many people as possible to use their reusable bag and get a free ride to the store with Strætó. At Strætó, we place great emphasis on energy saving and aim to replace diesel-powered buses with more environmentally friendly energy sources such as electric, hydrogen and methane-powered buses. Our goal is to have a carbon-free bus fleet by 2030,“ says Markús Vilhjálmsson, head of sales, marketing and service at Strætó.