13. Jun 2024

Drop-off area for electric scooters at bus stops in Kópavogur

Kópavogur, Strætó and the electric scooter rentals Hopp and Zolo have joined forces to encourage people to use environmentally friendly means of transport and at the same time improve the way electric scooters are dropped off in the town.

As of today, Wednesday, June 12, a discount is given on the rental of electric scooters if they are parked in defined areas by bus stops, the aim is to encourage users to park the electric scooters, so they are not in the way of pedestrians and drivers. The drop-off areas will be visible in the app of the electric scooter rentals.

Kópavogur is the first municipality to have these drop-off areas and the goal is to increase the number of such areas in the town so that they are also at swimming pools, sports facilities and other popular areas.

„It’s really nice that Kópavogur is the first municipality in Iceland to take these steps. With this, we encourage people to connect two environmentally friendly modes of transportation, the bus and electric scooters, and along the way we help ensure that electric scooters are not scattered around the town,“ says Ásdís Kristjánsdóttir, mayor.
Strætó and electric scooter rentals already have a good cooperation, as the location of electric scooters on the real time map is visible on

Strætó’s website and in Klappið. You can click on the relevant electric scooter on the map, and you can see which company the bike belongs to and what the charge is. If you click on the link, you will access the electric scooter in the relevant app, and then you can reserve it or rent it immediately.

From left: Adam Karl Helgason, Zolo. Sigurjón Rúnar Vikarsson, Hopp, Sæunn Ósk Unnsteinsdóttir, Hopp, Leó Snær Pétursson, Kópavogur og dóttir hans Hafdís Magnea, Guðjón Ingi Guðmundsson, Kópavogur, Ásdís Kristjánsdóttir, Mayor of Kópavogur, Bergur Þorri Benjamínsson, Kópavogur and Jóhannes Svavar Rúnarsson, Strætó bs.