27. Jun 2024

Changes in price list at Strætó

A new price list will take effect on July 1st.
On July 1st, a new price list of Strætó will take effect. Prices for single tickets increases by 3.2% and period pass prices will increase by 3.85%. The price of Klapp plastic cards remains unchanged at 1.000 kr.
The decision regarding the price is made by the board of Strætó. The price increases are intended to cover general cost price increases as well as higher labour costs and reduce the need for further cut down of the route network in the capital area.

Changes in price list for the countryside by Vegagerðin
Vegagerðin (Icelandic Road Administration) has decided to raise its own prices at the same time as Strætó. In an announcement from Vegagerðin, the increase amounts to 5,3% and the single fare will go from 570 kr. to 600 kr. The price for period cards will remain unchanged. For example, a trip from Reykjavík to Akureyri goes from 12.540 kr. to 13.200 kr. and a trip from Reykjavík to Keflavík from 2.280 kr. to 2.400 kr.


You can see Vegagerðin´s announcement here in Icelandic: Fargjald í landsbyggðarstrætó hækkar 1. júlí – Vegagerðin (