Route 55 drives between the capital area and Keflavik Airport every day of the week.


Route 55 between KEF-Airport and capital area.

Adults2400 ISK
Young people, 12 -17 years old1200 ISK
Elderly, 67 years and older1200 ISK
People on disability1200 ISK
Children, 11 years and younger0 ISK

You can pay the fare with:

  • Debit- or credit card
  • Cash

Timetable and route

KEF-Airport bus stop location

Passengers that take bus 55 from capital area to KEF-Airport are dropped off at the terminal entrance.

Arrivals that are traveling from KEF-Airport to the capital area use a Strætó bus stop near a street called Kjóavellir. It is located on the departure side to the terminal. See location of the bus stop below:

See location on map