Buses are a great medium for big messages. If you are interested in purchasing ads on buses, please send an inquiry to auglysingar@straeto.is


Strætó offers a unique medium to display advertising content that does not go unnoticed, as measurements show. Cumulative coverage is unique and frequency high across age groups.

The display time is one month, as the buses drive different routes in the capital area, in addition, the advertised brand is the only one in the space. In this way, the message receives undivided attention in traffic.

The buses are equipped with specially printed films that are glued to the buses, so all the colors of the rainbow or just about any image can be used to decorate the bus.

Choose between marking the whole bus, one side or back and front end.

The possibilities to do something fun and creative, something that attracts attention, are therefore countless.

Please send us a line at auglysingar@straeto.is if you want to advertise your company, product or brand on our buses.